Car/Boat Donations 

Another giving opportunity that is well known but is unfortunately not as “lucrative” as it used to be but is virtually hassle free... Until now, one was able to donate their car in whatever condition and receive the full blue book value tax deduction. Those laws have changed and the write-off is restricted to the actual amount the car has been sold for (not including, cleaning, repair, towing etc.). If you have an old vehicle just taking space in your driveway now is the time to donate it, it means real money to us and is going to be worth even less in cash or tax deduction dollars the longer it sits there.

The easiest way to do this is by call our friends at Cars Helping America (THEY WILL DO ALL THE WORK) on the web by calling (1-866-949-3668) and specify that you want the money donated to CHABAD OF PEABODY.