Last Will & Testament & Memorial Board Plaque

 This is a very difficult topic to get into. Suffice it to say, from the greatest philanthropist, to the average Joe, there is one thing that really unites us all and makes all equal; that is, when our time is up and G‑d calls us back we all have no choice but to follow. However, there is a form of good/tzedakah/charity that one we can do even after one is gone. You get "points" now, and later in the eyes of G‑d. This is leaving a will, trust, stocks, bonds or other forms of gifts to a charity. This must be set up while one is alive.

Be it savings, IRA’s, 401(k)’s, or Charitable Trusts, our actions here on earth cause immeasurable reactions up above. Don’t wait to make these important decisions as most often it is too late when the time comes. This is a way to give that really doesn’t affect your life, since your gifts only go to the recipient (in this case, your Charity of choice, Chabad of Peabody) after you’ve passed on.

Do you know the former (very wealthy) owner of the Miami Dolphins lost his entire wealth and the courts had to sell the team so he could raise capital and pay his bills, because he had not done proper planning with his estate? When one passes, one’s estate is subject FIRST TO ANY PAYMENTS DUE TO UNCLE SAM, UNLESS YOU HAVE TAKEN STEPS IN ADVANCE TO DO CHARITY WITH A REGISTERED 501C3 FIRST.

Like Stock donations, you should consult with your financial planner/attorney/CPA before making any decisions. However, it is interesting to note that, in most cases, this will not affect gifts to one’s children, it will only re-direct YOUR hard earned money to a worthy tzedaka and not pay Uncle Sam a second time.

Memorial Board Plaque

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At Chabad we have a stunning new Memorial Board (you can see it on this page,, where for $360 you can give a tax deductable donation and have a plaque put on the board in memory of a loved one and ensure that Yizkor is said for them even if for some reason you cannot be there. Memorialize them for ever... purchase a plaque at Chabad.