The Rosh Chodesh Society is a sisterhood dedicated to inspiring and empowering Jewish women through monthly cultural learning experiences.
Soulmates - Current Course

soulmates_chabad_banner_190x350.jpgRomantics of all ages have waxed poetic on the notion of “soulmates,” seeking to grasp what makes love and passion so potent, what drives the inexplicable magnetism between two people, and what makes true love last. Yet millennia of Jewish text and tradition are rich with insights on this very topic, from the mystical and spiritual to the no-nonsense and practical. Whether you are currently married, considering someday tying the knot, or simply seek to better understand the spiritual root of love and marriage,  Soulmates is a seven-session cours e drawing on timeless Jewish wisdom that will forever change how you think about the important relationship in your life, in all its beauty and complexity.

About RCS

The Rosh Chodesh Society is a global initiative that aims to transform the lives of Jewish women, their families, and their greater communities through the bonds of shared Jewish experience. Through an international network of women scholars, leaders, and educators, we provide cutting-edge adult education in tandem with monthly cultural and social programs.

Our ultimate vision is to empower, inform, and inspire women to spark a worldwide spiritual revolution that will ensure a brighter future for the Jewish people.

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"Women have such a strong influence on their children, husbands, communities, schools, and workplaces. When Jewish learning takes place among women, it has the power to reverberate way beyond the individual participants."

B.K., Montreal, QC

"Learning about Judaism through the Rosh Chodesh Society has had a tremendous impact on all areas of my life: my marriage, my relationships with my family, my work… I take the lessons home with me, and I can’t wait to share them with my family."

E.R., Miami FL

"There’s nothing better than the support of Jewish women getting together, learning, and sharing our life experiences."

E.W., Melbourne, Australia