Jews and Food
Is Eating the Secret to a More Spiritual Life?

A Delicious New Two-Part Series
Instructed by Rabbi & Raizel Schusterman

Why are Jews so obsessed with food? What is the deeper connection between what we eat and who we are? Is there spiritual significance to the entire gastronomical experience?

This fun and fabulous course features incredible Kabbalistic insights, historical anecdotes,Cooking tips, recipes, wisdom from Bubby, and — of course — delicious food. Grab a plate and dig in!

A two part course-
Monday April 29th- 7:00pm Traditional Jewish Food Class - chicken soup,matzah balls ,gefilte fish, & kugel

Tuesday -May 7th-  7:00pm Israeli Mediterranean Style Food Class- Chumus, Tehina, Tabouli, Roasted eggplant,Israeli Salad, Pita & More

$18 per class / $30 for course


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