About Chabad

The most dynamic force in Jewish life today, Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement and an organization, with 4,000 full-time shluchim (emissaries) directing over 3,300 institutions dedicated to the welfare of the Jewish people worldwide. Chabad is driven by the philosophy and direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, known simply and lovingly as "The Rebbe."

The Rebbe's profound love for every human being and boundless optimism and self-sacrifice has motivated and spurred thousands of young rabbis and their families to leave the comforts of their home-grown Jewish communities and set out to produce a dazzling array of programs, services and institutions to serve every Jew across the globe regardless of background or affiliation (or lack of one!). These educational and social-service institutions serve a variety of functions for the entire spectrum of Jews, regardless of affiliation or background. Programs geared to humanitarian endeavors reach out beyond the Jewish community, to all people.

Seeking to help shape the next generation of engaged leadership within the Jewish community and within American society at large, Chabad combines faith and tradition with a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgmental attitude most effective in today's world. Chabad operates active, full-time and part-time outreach and activity centers at hundreds universities worldwide, including right here in Peabody.

Eleven Years ago, Rabbi Nechemia and Raizel Schusterman established the Chabad of Peabody Jewish Center, a branch of Chabad of the North Shore, to promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride and observance by providing educational, cultural and social activities to the Greater Peabody Jewish community.

Thankfully, after leasing space at the West Peabody Office Park for 8 years, due to Chabad’s success, the time has arrived for a new expanded permanent facility. Our new location will be at 682 Lowell St., Peabody, in the heart of West Peabody, making it accessible from everywhere. Even as we grow, we shall preserve the warm and intimate atmosphere that has attracted so many families and individuals to Chabad of Peabody.

OUR MISSION is to create a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where every Jew is welcome, regardless of background, affiliation or financial means – where everyone feels at home, from the inexperienced in ritual and practice to the most learned. A place which promotes Jewish continuity, where children play and learn and develop their Jewish identities, where our elders share their wisdom, where parents learn to transmit the joy and beauty of Judaism to the next generation. A place which provides spiritual, emotional and material assistance to those in need.

Although Chabad of Peabody is affiliated with the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch network, we are responsible for raising 100% of our budget locally. And all funds raised stay entirely within local Chabad community and are used exclusively for our programs and activities.