It has been a really exciting winter season! As such we would like to share with you some of the unique events we've hosted.
This is in addition to the weekly, warm and spirited Shabbat services, Hebrew School, Musical Mommy and Me 
that are attended by many.
We hope to share these updates more often.
Best wishes for a wonderful Pesach to you and your families.
Nechemia and Raizel Schusterman
Chabad of Peabody - An affiliate of Chabad of the North Shore
Candle Lighting Time for Shabbat Chol Hamoed April 18th is at 7:10pm
Candle Lighting Time for Sunday evening, the 7th day of Pesach is at 7:13pm 
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Hebrew School
Using our Signature Arts and Hands-on style, Hebrew School is bustling with creative events and happy children studying their heritage in a way that they will never forget!
“Teach me and I’ll forget, 
Show me, I may remember, 
Involve me, and I’ll show interest, 
Excite me and I’ll ask for more”!- Chabad Hebrew School Philosophy
Chocolate Model Seder 2014
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Teen Shabbat Dinner for 21
Chabad of Peabody hosted its first ever Shabbat Dinner for 21 teens. Having graduated 12 years of teenagers since we arrived in Peabody, it was finally time to have a bit of a reunion, and see if the teens wanted "hang" with one another. The response was incredible. The Shabbat dinner with rounds of stump the rabbi was even better. Stay tuned for the next Teen Dinner. Open to all teens in the community. 
Musical Mommy and Me
Exploding in popularity, Raizel's Musical Mommy and Me, is attended weekly by a crowd of moms, caretakers and children. They are treated to quality time with their infants and toddlers, sensory games and play, creative music and movement, and a chance to socialize with other moms. Healthy snacks are provided.
Wednesday Torah Studies with Rabbi Nechemia & Tefillin Club
Rabbi Nechemia's weekly Wednesday Torah Classes continue to inspire text based Torah Study and discussion. And the weekly Sunday Tefillin Club further advances prayer/Tefillin awareness and of course, a full bagel  breakfast with all the trimmings.
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Great Passover Giveaway
After years of doing Matzah Bakeries and other pre-Passover activities it was time to change it up. Thus, the Great Passover Giveaway was born. It was a intense but short in depth study into the laws of Passover, as well as a primer as to how to make your seder more fun. Led by Rabbi Nechemia and Raizel while the children were busy doing projects and games with Morah Rochi. Every family got a box of authentic Shmurah Matzahs, a big bottle of grape juice and "a plague bag" of fun stuff for the children. Attended by over 30 families t'was 
tons of fun! 
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Cholent/Chili Cook Off
What can you do to get a bunch of Jews out in the midst of a bitter cold winter? CHILI! Our first annual Cholent/Chili Cook Off. 5 members of the community prepared their distinct Cholent or Chili and rejoined in the evening with over 70 adults for scotch tasting, socializing and a brief lecture from Rabbi Peretz  Chein of Brandies University, on the history of Cholent. Then of course the "text-in-your-vote" for the next Chili King/Queen." Hail to the Chief!
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Purim with Chabad
Chabad hosted 4 incredible Purim Events. The Purimtini Saturday Night attended by close to 50 adults and children. Then an incredible PurimMania at the Northshore Mall, with the NSJCC with breakfast and a DJ, Balloon show by Royal, and an overflow crowd of over 350 showed up. Megilla reading at Aviv center for the seniors in the afternoon, and a Purim feast in the evening. When it comes to Purim, Chabad has you covered.
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Community Seder
Once again, Chabad hosted a Seder open to the community. Over 50 attended this intimate, yet traditional Seder. With all the trappings of your Bubbe's Seder, and the wise and witty commentary of Rabbi Nechemia, with props and skits, a fun and informative and meaningful Seder happened here. 
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Rosh Chodesh Society
RCS meets 6 times a year, to study in depth, text based Torah with Raizel Schusterman. The most recent meeting, March 25, held in memory of Mrs. Rashi Minkowtiz, and dubbed "Torah and Tea" in her memory, attracted 20 women and helped them learn the lessons of Purim for the contemporary woman. 


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