Rosh Chodesh Society- The Art & Soul Course
Tuesday November 10th

Join me for a wonderful course exploring the soul of art:

Art & Soul is a seven-part course exploring seven art forms—

painting, music, literature, dance, architecture, clothing

design, and the culinary arts—

from the perspective of Jewish teaching and Jewish life. Seen through the lens of the Torah,the teachings of the sages, and the writings of the Chasidic

masters, we gain a deeper appreciation of the inner dynamics of these seven art forms and how they can be applied to enhance our daily lives. Each lesson also includes an interactive workshop, in which the ideas and methodologies explored in the lesson will also be experienced firsthand by

the class participants.

Lesson One begins with a drawing exercise, which reveals some surprising ideas about how the human eye and hand render objects into images. A workshop then follows with a visual presentation and discussion of a number

of paintings by great artists, explaining their insights on the objectives of their art. These experiences and discussions set the stage for an exploration of the Torah’s views on beauty and artistic talent and the manner in which

the mystical teachings of Kabbalah explain the interrelation between truth,harmony, and beauty.We note that while our lives contain deeply significant occasions, these are

few and far between; the great majority of our days and years are taken up with activities and experiences that are routine, mundane, and downright boring. We then ask: How do we apply our innate artistic abilities, and all that

we have learned about the inner vision of the artist, to transform the routine

and uninspiring in our lives into works of beauty and meaning?

$10 per class
$15 student book
$60 for the course (includes student book)
Scholarships available email

raizel@jewishpeabody.com for more info

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