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Shofar at the Park - Tashlich Family Service

Apples and honey. The sound of the Shofar. Rosh Hashanah is coming. Would you like your children to be a part of it? Your family is welcome to join Chabad for a free Rosh Hashanah Family Service.

Yup, you should be in Shul for both days of Rosh Hashana, but if you can't - Join us for our Shofar In The Park Service.

Bring a sweater

• 10 minute service includes sermon, song, story and Shofar blowing.

• Afterwards we will do Tashlich, where we symbolically cast away our sins, baggage and other stuff to the fish!

  Sept 10th at 5:45pm

The Lake at the 5 corner stop, where Pine St and Lake St meet .

The Family Service will be held at the lake on lake street.The event is free of charge and open to all Please help us prepare by RSVP'ing here at the reservations page   even if this is the only event you will e attending this holiday.

There will be a short service followed shofar blowing, honey cake, apples dipped in honey and then Tashlich.

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