Shofar at the Lake - Tashlich Family Service Shofar At The Lake.png

Gather near the lake for a moment of noise. 

We've been blowing the Shofar, a simple hollowed out ram’s horn, for thousands of years in celebration of Rosh Hashana, or the Head of the Year – also known as the birthday of humanity.

This September 30th, return to a simpler, more essential state, together with fellow Jews. Hear the stirring, unadulterated blasts of the Shofar as we reflect on our collective birthday. And walk away with a message that you were carrying all along.

Shofar at the lake will happen once: It won’t be broadcasted, rebroadcasted, or podcasted.

In fact, according to ancient prescription, one must hear the blasts directly from the Shofar itself. No medium will do – not a microphone, not CBC, not even a slight echo. It's a "you-had-to-be-there" kind of a moment.

Though the messages to be heard in the Shofar’s notes are as numerous as there are people, here’s just one: Don’t live your life vicariously through others, carrying their opinions and mimicking popular beliefs. Like the Shofar blast, live your life first-hand and be an original.

The event is as green as they come – even noise pollution will be at a minimum, as the shofar blowing is an opportune time for silent reflection.

Shofar and so close.

Join us at Crystal lake for a short service,and shofar blowing!

Sept 30th at 5:45pm - 6:45

The newly revamped Crystal Lake on Lowell St. across from the Shops at Big Y Plaza   Please help us prepare by RSVP'ing here at the reservations page  

There will be a short service followed shofar blowing, honey cake, apples dipped in honey and then Tashlich.