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Have an American Express card? You can help Chabad of Peabody raise $2,500 in just one night –without spending a penny. Here’s how: American Express is holding their annual Small Business Campaign. They’re giving a $25 credit to registered cardholders for spending $25 or more at a small business or non-profit organization.

You can do this with every AMEX card that you have. Even if a family member has a card on the same account as you, their card is eligible too! 

You can help us reach our goal of 100 donors which will generate $2,500!

This offer is only valid for the first 300,000 registrants, so please act fast!

1. Fill out the form on this page by November 18, the sooner the better. 

2. Register your card with American Express, so you are reimbursed for the $25 promotion. Or, we will register your American Express card for you so you are eligible for the promotion. (Choose your option below).

3. Pass this message on to all your friends and email contacts to help us reach our goal of 100 donors.

4. Your credit card will not be charged until November 24 (after Shabbos) per the guidelines of this campaign. On or about Dec. 1st you will receive a $25 credit from Amex, though this may take longer to post, depending on your billing cycle.

You are more than welcome to donate more than $25 as part of your year-end donations, but Amex will only credit your account $25.

There is no catch! To read more about this offer from Amex go to

Please act now so we don't lose this golden opportunity!

If you have multiple cards, fill out the form below again for each additional card. 

Thank you so much for your time and support!


Rabbi Nechemia Schusterman

Donations are tax deductable. 
International cards are not eligible for this promotion


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