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Class 11 WEDNESDAY MARCH 21, 2012

Reclaiming the Love

When our world crumbles around us we choose to either despair or repair. But where do we find the willpower and courage to make this paradigm shift? For answers, this class points to one of history's most striking episodes of hope and renewal.


Class 12 WEDNESDAY MARCH 21, 2012

Reclaiming the Love

Sometimes we wish we could turn back the clock. In reality, you can't change the past, but you can influence how the past will affect the future. This class explains how you can break the spiritual time barrier and transform past mistakes into an impetus for driving future success.


Class 1 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 7:30PM

We love each other because of similarities and commonalities, whereas differences get between us and threaten to challenge this love. This class demonstrates how to use your differences as building blocks for a deeper, more profound relationship.


Class 2 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 7:30PM

Whether we do it out of peer pressure, to show people how much we know, or just to make ourselves look better, gossip is gossip, and it’s wrong. This lesson examines why people might talk badly about others and how we can cultivate a gossip-free mentality.


Class 3 WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 7:30PM

Two travelers traverse a desert with enough water for only one to survive. Whose life comes first? Is self-preservation a selfish ideal? When is it important to put yourself first? And when do you have a prior duty to worry about the well-being of others?


Class 4 WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 7:30PM

Beyond a collection of random celebratory events, each of the Jewish festivals provides tools to overcome common challenges such as grief, physical hardship, emotional turmoil, financial distress, and anxiety. This lesson will explain how.


Class 5 WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 7:30PM

The financial crisis demonstrated that nothing is certain. What we have today is no indication of what will be tomorrow. This lesson uncovers Jewish wisdom that helps us look beyond the facade of materialism, to discover what really matters in the long haul.


Class 6 WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 7:30PM

Unyielding. Compassionate. Standing firm. Giving in. What is the ideal temperament? This lesson sheds Kabbalistic insight into the relevance of Torah here on earth, and the laws of mixing milk and meat.


Class 7 WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 7:30PM

Just when you think you have everything figured out, you discover a whole new realm of depth that takes you to the next level. This class finds personal meaning in three pearls of wisdom from the last testament and life lessons of Achitofel, King David's advisor.


Class 8 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 7:30PM

Your greatest strength is what is most unique to you. Whether you are looking to be a better parent, an influential person, or are just simply looking to find more happiness, this class will help you look within to find the skills you'll need to develop your personal talents.


Class 9 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 7:30PM

From the synagogue off to the bank, divided between sometimes conflicting realms, the Jew has occupied the role of a realist—living in the here and now, and the role of a spiritualist—ascribing to a higher reality. This lesson offers a surprisingly realistic and practical approach in identifying the domain of the Jew.


Class 10 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 7:30PM

Determination is the wake-up call to the human will, and leadership is the revival of a nation. From the Crusades to the Holocaust, time and time again Judaism has been brought back from the brink of survival to flourish once more. This lesson examines the methods of great Jewish leaders who brought renewed life and hope to their generation.


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Class 11 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 7:30PM

How do you deal with the loss of a loved one? Is it even possible? This lesson wrestles with one of life’s most painful challenges, confronting grief, pain, and the struggle to move on.


Class 12 WEDNESDAY, JUlY 4, 7:30PM

To the casual observer, life’s road is marred with bumps and ditches. This class trains us to peel back the layers of darkness and discover life's true character of joy.


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