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Jacob’s Ladder
Actualizing Your Higher Calling
Climbing from who we are to our heavenly visage—what we can become—is perhaps life’s greatest challenge. This lesson introduces a practical daily meditative exercise to keep our potential in sight, and the tools to actualize it.
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A Love Called Hatred
The Fascinating Story of King Menasheh
The opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference. Hatred is love turned sour. When people are too consumed by love to let go and be indifferent, they instead redefine their strong relationship as hate. This lesson examines the biography of a hateful Jewish king who ultimately uncovered the love behind his hatred.

The Tune of Ambivalence
Navigating Through Tough
Existential Dilemmas
Discover the guiding principles that help us make critical and courageous decisions. Torn between temptation, hesitation, and cognitive dissonance, this lesson examines three biblical tales of everyday struggle that share a common tune—literally!
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Decorate, Then Sweep
Starting Out on a Positive Note
You must first rid yourself of bad habits to inculcate positive ones, but if you don’t start doing good right away, you may end up never getting around to it. This lesson explores the pros and cons of cognitive versus behavioral therapy, and the wisdom in the order of the Chanukah candles and of Joseph’s sons.
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Reconstructing Crossed Lines
An Exploration of the Workings
of Teshuvah
When we cross a line, we become desensitized to the line and prone to cross it again.How do we return to our former selves? This lesson explores the innovative three-step process Joseph used to aid his brothers return, including reconstructing their original circumstances to prove they had truly changed.
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Deaf to Nuance
The Positive Side to Selective Hearing
Subtleties sometimes dilute and distort the boundaries of truth, and complexity gets in the way of standing up for what is right. This lesson amplifies the story of Chushim—the deaf grandson of Jacob—who stood by the obvious when others were blinded by the details.