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  • Chocolate Model Seder for KIDS!Learn all about the components of the seder CHOCOLATE STYLE! April 5th during Hebrew School. Non-enrolled children welcome for $5.00 each. Reserve Here
  • COMMUNITY PASSOVER SEDER AT CHABAD 2017Join us for our lively Community Passover Seder, sell your chametz, stuff for the kids and more! click here
  • Adult Education Torah StudiesEnrich your week with a dose of thought-provoking Jewish learning. Adult Ed series at Chabad is FREE!! Textbook is $25. Wednesday evenings (unless otherwise noted) at 7:30pm. Register Here
  • Slowly Digging Out of Depression’s DarknessA metaphorical description of my personal inner battles Read More
  • What Is a Haggadah?The word Haggadah means “telling,” as its primary purpose is to facilitate the retelling the story... Read More
  • Easy Kosher for Passover Almond CookiesGluten Free Read More
  • Can I Falsify My Religion on My Documents to Save My Life?Your question is quite a serious
    one, and unfortunately it has been posed many times throughout...
    Read More
  • The Princess and the MaidservantBuilding the Tabernacle, G-d’s terrestrial residence, must have been a most sought-after contract.... Read More
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