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  • Adult Education SeriesJoin us every Wednesday evening for our FREE adult education series. Text book $25. Season Two starts Wednesday, Jan 10th!! Register Here
  • Calling All Ninjas! Ninja Warrior Purim!Let's celebrate Purim together at the Ninja Warrior Purim Party!! 2.28.17 at 5:30pm! Meghilla reading, dinner buffet, special toddler play area. Limited number of spaces. Adults $5, Children $10. Reserve and more info here
  • Family Shabbat Service & DinnerChabad Hebrew School invites you to a family Shabbat service & dinner. Friday, Jan 19th at 6:00pm. Special Siddur, family seating, child led prayers, songs and stories and explanations...geared towards 2nd grade-middle schoolers, but younger children welcome. Reserve and More Info Here
  • Ladies ShabbatEnjoy the energy, warmth and joy that will fill the room at Ladies Shabbat! Friday, February 2nd at 6:00pm. $36pp. From welcoming Shabbat through dessert you will enjoy delicious food, wonderful company, singing and sharing stories that will warm your heart and rejuvenate your soul. More Info and Reserve
  • What Does "Heimish" Mean?It's based on the Yiddish word heim, which means “home,” it describes things that are homey or... Read More
  • Parting of the Red SeaThe parting of the Red Sea was performed by G‑d after the Exodus. The Israelites walked on dry... Read More
  • Why Do People Say I’m So Ungrateful?I’m ungrateful! At least that’s what my parents and friends tell me. They say I never appreciate... Read More
  • Your G-d or the G-d of Your Father?Something Spiritual on Parshat Beshalach Read More
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