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  • Community Passover SederJoin us for a friendly, warm and family friendly Passover Seder experience! Gourmet dinner, "Shmurah" Matzah, an array of wines. Seder is March 30th. More Info & Reserve Here
  • Adult Education SeriesJoin us every Wednesday evening for our FREE adult education series. Text book $25. Season Two starts Wednesday, Jan 10th!! Register Here
  • Why Is the Shabbat Before Passover the "Great Shabbat"?The primary event commemorated on this Shabbat is a great miracle which occurred on this day . .... Read More
  • On Rabbis and JewsAs a rabbi, I am often asked to pray for people. This one is in need of a blessing for improved... Read More
  • Do You Believe in Water?A philosophical discussion between two fish (produced by YULA and Read More
  • Two Old HorsesAn old man was sitting in a
    carriage being led by two very old horses, trekking through...
    Read More
  • Was Moses Purged From the Haggadah? 10 ApproachesWhy isn’t Moses part
    of the Haggadah’s Exodus narrative?
    Read More
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