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  • Community Passover SederJoin us for a friendly, warm and family friendly Passover Seder experience! Gourmet dinner, "Shmurah" Matzah, an array of wines. Don't miss the early bird discount. Seder is March 30th. More Info & Reserve Here
  • Cooking With Raizel: Passover EditionDips and Tips!! Join Raizel for a Passover cooking class! Learn how to make some delicious dips and learn some other Passover recipes too. Tues, Mar 20th at 7:30pm. $10 per person RSVP HERE
  • Adult Education SeriesJoin us every Wednesday evening for our FREE adult education series. Text book $25. Season Two starts Wednesday, Jan 10th!! Register Here
  • The Many Faces of PassoverThere is a spot for every Jew at the Seder table. Read More
  • Is There a Shortcut to Belief?I envy people who have faith, with their strength and clarity. How can I acquire similar faith? Read More
  • What Does “Klutz” Mean?Klutz is Yiddish for “piece of wood,” but it means much more than just that. Read More
  • Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneersohn (1860–1920)The “Rebbe Rashab” Read More
  • How to Clean for Passover (in 10 Days or Less)There’s a saying: “Passover cleaning is not spring cleaning, dirt is not chametz, and children are...
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