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  • It's A SUPERHERO PURIM!Sunday March 12th at 10:30am. Come dressed up as your favorite SUPERHERO! Brunch buffet, music, Meghilla reading and MORE! Reserve before March 5th for a discount! RESERVE HERE
  • Adult Education Torah StudiesEnrich your week with a dose of thought-provoking Jewish learning. Adult Ed series at Chabad is FREE!! Textbook is $25. Wednesday evenings (unless otherwise noted) at 7:30pm. Register Here
  • The Most Important PartnerWhile G-d entrusts the parents with the ability to make a very special contribution, He never... Read More
  • Will We Use Technology to Build the Third Temple?Will we be using laser cutters and cranes, or will be using the Iron Age techniques of the first... Read More
  • The Sigh That Breaks the Human’s BackWho else comes to a massage therapist except women with tense backs? Read More
  • G-d’s NudgeIf G‑d does not want slavery, why did He not abolish it immediately? Read More
  • 9 Ways to Deal with Difficult PeopleEvery single day I'm confronted with people who are angry, critical, demanding, needy, selfish... Read More
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